Water Damage

water_1Water Damage

Water in your home or business is a serious emergency. Water damage is most commonly caused by the following:

- leaking plumbing pipe
- tub or toilet overflow
- rising water
- roof damage from a recent storm
- broken window

Water damage can go beyond what the eye can see making it imperative to have an expert assess the damage. The majority of the materials that make up your home or office are porous such as wood, drywall, carpet and padding, concrete, etc. This allows water to wick into these materials causing a more extensive extraction process. Quick extraction can mean the difference between a quick clean-up process or a mold remediation situation. We at Texas Source have trained professionals that can and will assess the following:

Locate and isolate the source of water
Professionally remove water from all surfaces
Prevent Contamination and spreading by sealing all areas
Install and monitor drying equipment
Inspect for mold and do any remediation, if necessary
Reconstruct your home or business back to its original condition
Our team of expert water extraction and remediation personnel are on hand 24 hours a day to respond.