Mold Removal

mold_1Mold Removal Service

Mold generally evolves after water damage occurs to a home or business making it important for your water damage to be extracted immediately and professionally. Large amounts as well as certain types of mold can alter the air quality in your home or business and generate health risks.

Mold thrives mainly in a warm moist environment such as exterior wall cavities and plumbing wall cavities. Continuing to wipe or clean visible mold generally does not fix the problem. In most cases, the affected area must become accessible and treated with chemicals. If the problem has occurred for a long period of time without treatment then removal of contaminated materials may be the only option.

The best way to remove these materials is by trained professionals. We will remove materials to prevent any further contamination and treat surrounding areas with chemicals. We then have the expertise to restore the area back to pre-loss condition.