Fire Damage

fire_1Fire Damage Service

Fires can leave behind visible and nonvisible damage. Smoke can travel through any openings leaving behind an odor as well as soot. This can create damage well beyond the ignition point that may not show up immediately. The contamination of a fire can also be spread by occupying the affected area. The longer these items sit untreated, the more difficult they can be to remediate. If your fire was extinguished by a department then there will be water damage to contend with also. Don’t let the problem idle. We at Texas Source have trained professionals that can and will assess the following:

identify all affected areas
execute the remediation process immediately
generate an accurate scope of work
assist you with filing your claim if nessesary
begin the final phase of reconstructing your property back to pre loss condition.
We promise that all items will be done in a timely fashion with “Superior standards because quality matters”