help_1Get Help Now

Texas Source is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A speedy response is paramount to reducing the overall damage your home or business incurs. In some cases, insurance companies expect property owners to remediate any damage to the best of their ability until help arrives. Call us now to help you begin this process.



arrive_1Until We Arrive

Until our team member arrives, please take precautions, but consider the following to minimize damage.

- Stay out of affected areas to prevent cross contamination.
- Remove perishable items from affected areas, such as freezers and refrigerators.
- Remove any excess or standing water



saferty_1Safety Tips

Until we arrive, it’s important to consider your safety.

- Be mindful of the safety of your home in its current condition
- Watch out for Electrical hazards
- Water and Fire damage can cause major structural instability
- Contact Texas Source! We are trained to deal with the hazards created by water, fire and mold damage.